World’s best hamburgers (2)

El Corral – with the best burgers I’ve tried anywhere, the U.S.A. included.

Scrumptious, delicious, outstanding – it’s hardly impossible to find the right words for El Corral’s many hamburgers: ”Mexicana” topped with guacamole, ”Italiana” with mozzarella and parmesan, or maybe ”Al Carbon” double meat with for example American cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce? Take a look at the menu.

I got curious about the history of hamburgers and found some interesting stuff at Wikipedia. Anyway, some emigrating people from the German city of Hamburg were involved, as an old dish started to develop itself on the American side of the Atlantic.

But how come that Colombia now can pride itself with the best burgers in the world? I don’t know. Anyway, why not combine a visit to Caribbean world heritage city of Cartagena with a visit to El Corral in that same place? Life could be worse :)


3 reaktioner på ”World’s best hamburgers (2)

  1. American Style in Iceland serving ”The Half Pound Heavy Special”… That sounds like a great burger to me. I’ll know where to go to when on Iceland next time!



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