World’s best hamburgers (1)

El Corral: The logo

Originally uploaded by Anders L. Hansson.

El Corral – the most outstanding hamburger chain in Colombia, offering the best burgers I’ve tried anywhere, the U.S.A. included.

I had been told about this place before going, and my interest in good food of all categories made El Corral a primary objective for the journey. And yes – it’s a hit!

The company was founded in 1983 and now runs more than 60 restaurants in the big cities of Colombia. Most of them are in Bogota. There and in Medellin you also find a few Corral Gourmet restaurants that offer a more fancy setting than the typical fast food Corral.

But a plain El Corral place is fancy enough! By the way, dear Corral management, when do you come to Europe? Please?!



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