Back in Europe – but more on Colombia to come!

Hola amigos!

Monday last week I got back to Barcelona, delayed by a little more than one day. Supposed day of departure from Bogotá was Saturday 29 October, but obviously the Colombian airline Avicana had suffered some serious problems: there was an over-booking of some 25 people! Well, they rewarded me with another roundtrip-ticket Spain-Colombia, and on top of that I got another Saturday in Bogotá.

The night was spent at a Halloween party with costumes, drinks and dancing. Previously under much more European influence, Colombia nowadays has a lot in common with the U.S.A. Halloween is one of those things. According to my very reliable sources, the children of Bogotá have been halloweening at least since the 1970′s, knocking on people’s doors begging for candy:

”Trick or treat, Halloween, quiero dulces para mí. Si no hay dulces para mí, se les crece la narriz!”

Anyway, Sunday afternoon I was back at the airport. After one last Colombian coffee, it was time for boarding and take-off. The trip went just fine, till arriving in Madrid… Avianca is quite an ok airline, but unfortunately they cooperate with the Spanish flag carrier Iberia. And Iberia seems to be a plain disaster. Since I arrived in Madrid one day later than originally planned, Iberia was lost in confusion about how to get me on the connecting flight to Barcelona. Especially, they were confused about where the luggage could be… Finally, I got on a flight two hours and fifteen minutes later than I should have been, after having suffered some rather insulting treatment by Iberia staff. The luggage finally arrived a few days later.

After all, I’m safely back in Catalunya. But the story doesn’t end here. There are still photos to post for you, and I still have some comments and thoughts on Colombia that I’d like to blog. So please stay tuned, and I promise to be back with more within the next few days.

Muchos saludos,



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