Bogotá: Lechona


Originally uploaded by Anders L. Hansson.

More pics for you animal and food lovers! Lechona is a traditional Colombian dish. Typically you have it for a big fiesta, or you buy it on the street.

So how do you do it? To serve 50 people you need a pig, no older than 1 year, weighing some 25 kilograms. Moreover, you need onion, boiled rice, potatoes and a few other ingredients.

Basically, you empty the pig before stuffing it with the meat etc. Then you put it in an over-average-big oven for a number of hours.

Or you just buy a portion at the street – at this pic from down-town Bogota you’ve got one serving on offer for only 4.000 pesos, 1.40 euros, with soft drink included.



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